Community-Based Tourism Development Sustainable
Green tourism is known as a tourism form based on nature and culture and minimizes the negative impacts of tourism on the environment, which can help to combat climate change, consume recyclable energy and develop cultural and natural heritage, and promote friendly-environmental products.
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The tour focuses on the natural and local cultural feature experience in Tam My Tay

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Community-based tourism will flourish soon
To contribute to the conservation of the grey-shanked douc langur population, Tam My Tay people (Nui Thanh, Quang Nam) are in need of support to develop their livelihoods and rationally use resources through the community-based tourism model.
  • Discover the wild nature
  • Observe the rare grey-shanked douc langur
  • Plant trees to protect langur’s habitat
  • Camping by the stream
  • Discover traditional food and culture
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Benefits Shared For The Community
Benefits Shared For The Community

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Let’s save the home for Grey-shanked douc langur!
Let’s save the home for Grey-shanked douc langur!
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    Run demo tour
    Demo tour
    Consultation with the local community – Goethe – Institut Vietnam Project
    In order to learn more about the actual situation of Tam My Tay’s tourism potential as well as the needs of the local community in
    Workshop: Sharing experiences and orientation Development orientations for sustainable community-based tourism – Goethe-Institut Vietnam Project
    Workshop “Sharing experience and orientation for sustainable community-based tourism development in Tam My Tay commune, Nui Thanh
    Launching a project to develop sustainable community-based tourism in Tam My Tay commune – Goethe-Institut Vietnam Project
    .The project “Sustainable community-based tourism development in Tam My Tay commune” is funded by the European Network of