Author: Nguyen Cuong/
Pioneer group

This is a lunch of the village patrol team (belonging to the Pioneer Group for the Conservation of Gray-shanked Douc) and GreenViet center staff during a forest patrol. In the picture is A Siu – GreenViet center staff and I – a member of the Pioneer Group. Has anyone ever tried the feeling of a hot afternoon stopping next to a murmuring stream. Picking up a handful of wild vegetables along the stream along with a pack of instant noodles in a backpack is a delicious and especially 100% clean pot of soup. A pack of white rice and a few salty braised fish is a powerful lunch for us for an afternoon.

Just like that, but we still have a year of packed rice, still a small backpack, continue to go on the way to protect the children in the middle of the jungle to be at peace. Because of the peace of the Gray-shanked Douc, we have so much fun every day.

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