Author: Le Van Hong
Tam My Tay Commune Farmers’ Association

“Nếp bầu Đưng Tam Mỹ” is a very famous specialty of the land of Nui Thanh, favored by many people; Production of glutinous rice is not a big investment, and the profit is much higher than that of rice production. Tam My Tay Commune Farmers’ Association is actively mobilizing people to expand the area for growing glutinous rice in the commune. Especially through the success of the production model and replication of traditional glutinous rice production techniques of the Agricultural Technical Center of Nui Thanh district. The main character in the photo is Mr. Tran Van A, head of the agricultural and forestry extension department, checking the end results of the summer-autumn crop of 2020 producing gourd sticky rice in Dong Bau, Trung Chanh village, Tam My Tay commune. about the results of the harvest with an average yield of 4,400kg/ha and there will be analysis and evaluation to be able to replicate in the area. Thereby contributing to the recovery of “Nếp Bầu Đưng Tam Mỹ” products and at the same time contributing to raising income and improving the lives of farmers in the commune.

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