Consultation with the local community – Goethe – Institut Vietnam Project


In order to learn more about the actual situation of Tam My Tay’s tourism potential as well as the needs of the local community in general and the Pioneer group in particular, the project implemented field trips, discussions with local government and community.

Public consultation on tourism development and tourism regulation on April 19, 2022. This field trip and quick consultation included representatives from the Quang Nam Tourism Association, CAB Hoi An and GreenViet Centre. The implementation advisory group met with some members of the Gray-shanked Douc Conservation Pioneer group to find out the opinions and wishes of the community. Especially, he went on a field trip to Hon Do Mountain to learn about the current state of natural resources and potential for tourism development. The results show that this area has potential for ecotourism and community support should have a tourism regulation aimed at conserving the Gray-shanked Douc species and local cultural values.

GreenViet held a meeting with the Forest Protection Department, representatives of the Commune People’s Committee on September 14, 2022 and two field trips on June 22 and October 3, 2022 in Tam My Tay commune to learn about and The purpose of consultation is to obtain more information and to find consensus among communities and localities in sustainable community-based eco-tourism development. All parties agreed that there should be a Community Tourism Regulation soon to guide conservation and sustainable development.

Organized 02 meetings with the Gray-shanked Douc Conservation Pioneer group on April 7, 2022 and October 13, 2022 to consult on opportunities to develop community-based tourism and Tourism Regulations. Each meeting is attended by more than 70% of team members. The group strongly supports the development of livelihoods through community-based tourism, especially the consensus on benefit sharing in the Tourism Regulations to contribute to the conservation of the Gray-shanked Douc species.