I literally titled the car lost its brakes. That was the first time I went to Tam My Tay to work with my brothers and sisters to interview people about people’s awareness of forests and wildlife. We went to interview people from Tam My Tay commune up to Tam Tra commune. I was assigned to a group to ride in the car with the student who had just graduated from school to go to people’s houses for an interview. Due to the strange road and the new car borrowed from the uncle in the patrol, I did not pay attention to the car and the slope, so I just ran across the street and drove my friend behind without even knowing the car had crashed. peg wins. When I was running down the hill, I stepped on the brake but lost the brake, my chest was pounding and scared, but I was able to calm down and handle it. With many years of experience on mountain roads, I know how to return to 1st gear for the car to slow down and stop to check. That is also a story and also my most memorable memory in Tam My Tay.

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