Tour code: 04 Explore, experience the natural ecosystem & Agricultural Story

Transport: Cars, bicycles
Duration: Going back during the day



Welcome to Tam My Tay village. Visit and listen to the story of the culture and people here. For generations, in the countryside of Tam My, in Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam province, there is a famous sticky rice that is flexible and delicious called Tam My sticky rice. Flowering and seeding from glutinous gourd, grown for nearly 5 months in low-lying fields, flooded all year round, rich in alluvium accumulated from the Trau river whose headwaters flows through the poetic Giang Thom waterfall , flowing through the mountains and hills embracing the fields, has accumulated alluvium to create typical fertile fields for farmers to produce special delicious Tam My sticky rice products that are rarely found in other places.


Experience a day as a resident of Tam My Tay with agricultural activities to grow Nep Bau. You are guided by farmers on traditional farming methods such as plowing, harrowing, transplanting….


Enjoy the taste of the countryside through rustic dishes.

“Snail cooked with vegetables Rahn, fried fish in Dong Nhon”


Farewell and goodbye to guests. End program.

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