Tour code: 03 Explore, experience the natural ecosystem & Cooking class

Transport: Cars, bicycles
Duration: Going back during the day



Welcome to Tam My Tay village. Visit and listen to the story of the culture and people here.


You join a cooking class from farm/forest to table. You are introduced by nutritionists/local people about natural products, from forest trees. You experience together with the people picking herbs, wild vegetables… to prepare dishes with the chef/host. You are guided on tips on choosing fresh forest leaves to pick and prepare dishes in the traditional way such as “Rhanh vegetables cooked with stone snails or Cha fish dishes on Dong Nhon lake, Grilled garden chicken with lemon leaves dipped in salt”. forest leaves…)


Enjoy the taste of the countryside, the rustic dishes and the results just made.


Experience Giang Thom hole with beautiful waterfalls, experience bathing in streams, walking along waterfall slopes under diverse flora.


Farewell and goodbye to you End the program.

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Minimum: 2 guests or more


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