During the most recent census of langurs in July 2022 in Tam My Tay commune, we conducted a field survey of langurs in an area of 4 mountains where langur herds live. I was assigned to count Langurs in a very special area – the most difficult area to detect Langurs of the 4 islands, which is Duong Ban Lau island. I had to go around the lower wing of the forest and choose the best spots to see the entire mountain from east to west. But I had a hard time finding a place to get a wide-angle view. Unlike the count in 2020, at that time people were just exploiting acacia, so there was a space to observe, now the acacia has reached nearly ten meters and spread widely, so the group members discussed and figured out how to approach it other. Instead of standing near the narrow observation point, we found the two most favorable points and decided to sit from afar to observe the wide angle. The first point is near Dong Nhon lake – near the abandoned farm gate post. When climbing up the gate, you can observe with binoculars the whole forest and about 200 meters from the forest. The second point is the eucalyptus tree in the forest area to the west of the mountain. We were able to climb over 15 meters high eucalyptus tree to observe. From the point of the eucalyptus tree to the forest, it is possible to detect langurs about 100 meters. And rightly so, from the two positions above I have counted 2 herds of langurs with 10 individuals.


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