Author: Nguyen Nhien

During a survey of Langur in Hon Do area, near the location of Mr. Danh’s leather tree, we planned to stop under the shade of the leather tree to rest. Suddenly: bang!!! – The group of langurs moving down nearby startled and scattered because they were so surprised to see the appearance of people, the whole group of langurs panicked and ran towards the natural forest. However, a young langur was left behind by her mother. At this time, the mother langur had run quite a distance – almost to the edge of the natural forest and discovered that she had forgotten the baby langur. The mother langur hastily turned towards the baby langur, who was near us with a very scared and alert face. The closer to us, the more hesitant the mother langur, not daring to approach and hug her baby. However, with the strength of motherly love, the mother Langur overcame fear, despite the danger, came to hold the baby langur in her arms and ran back to the natural forest.

Witnessing the whole story, I was deeply moved by the love of the mother langur for her baby. I think it’s just like being human – there’s always a divine motherly love.

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