Author: Vo Ngoc Danh

In 2018, during a visit to survey langurs in Hon Ong, when going down the mountain, little Thao slipped and fell into the cliff, we were heartbroken, fortunately Thao caught a dry tree to hold back. Through that time I loved it more. If I couldn’t catch a dry tree that day, I don’t know what would happen. Many years in the forest, countless memories have been experienced, but the memory of his slip on the trip to Hon Ong that time I cannot forget. Now I name it Thao Langur. My phone number is also saved as Thao vooc. Every time I meet a group of partners or sponsors who come to Tam My Tay, I always talk about that story. It also reminds us brothers and sisters to work together to try to protect CVCX well and develop more and more.

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