💌 A letter from the grey-shanked douc langur family
“We welcome everyone,
We would like to introduce our family, the Gray-shanked Douc langur family, living in Tam My Tay commune, Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam province. 🍃
Our family has lived in Tam My Tay for a long time, but life has been very difficult. The thing is, our extended family has a total of 69 individuals who cannot live together. In fact, our place of residence is divided into 4 regions (Hon Do, Duong Bong, Hon Ong and Duong Ban Lau) and isolated. Then because of the lack of living space, we also did not have enough food, the whole population struggled every day. The fear of extinction with us is not far away.
Now, our only wish is to expand our living space, if the 4 areas we are in are expanded into a native forest, our whole family will be reunited. together in a common space.
Over the past time, the GreenViet family and experts have visited and implemented many projects to protect and expand our living space. I feel sorry for the conservation officers who work hard day and night wading through the mountains and forests for our species. More than anyone else, we know that this is a long and arduous journey, so it needs the cooperation of the whole community.
Here, through the lens of conservation officers, I would like to send you all the moments in our daily life in Tam My Tay. We hope that with a small contribution from the whole family, the small city will help the Gray-shanked Douc Langur House to be more stable.
And any contribution we appreciate and appreciate. See you all at Tam My Tay!
The Grey-Shanked douc langur family”

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