Author: Nguyen Du.

My hometown Tam My Tay is a treasure – where the poetic Trau river flows through, Dong Nhon lake and Bau Vang dam in green for water to return to the fields, there is a cool and fragrant Giang Ho to hold tourists in the days. The summer is hot and sunny, there are natural forests with diverse flora and fauna, and especially there is a precious asset of the whole world – the Gray-shanked Douc langur. However, from the times I removed bird traps, animal traps, looked at the blue cuckoos lying, looked at the dead porcupines and squirrels hanging, I realized that the treasure was very fragile. Efforts to propagate and patrol to protect the forest and protect the gray-shanked douc herds of the pioneers, GreenViet and rangers have gradually raised people’s awareness, the impact on the forest has been reduced. Significantly, the langur herd is growing, many households have voluntarily left acacia rows bordering the natural forest. But if we do not know how to preserve, the community does not join hands to protect, that treasure will disappear. I hope that people will join hands to protect and preserve precious treasures not only for our own but also for the whole of humanity. In the future, when referring to Tam My Tay, people will remember the land that is not only rich in culture – history but also has diverse resources preserved from old forests to green rivers, remembering precious and gentle langurs and remember the friendly and hospitable Tam My Tay people.

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