Author: Nguyen Thi Thu Thao

This picture I took while staying at Mr. Nguyen Du’s house to work. By chance, the children came to play in the yard, I gave each of them a comic book that they were passionate about and read attentively in each corner. The fun for the little ones here is very simple. Toys with only a few toys over and over again with a few plastic animals, books and children’s stories are even rarer. One day of going to school, the rest of the day, they gather to play together, when they are bored, they watch their phones again, and in the cool afternoon they invite each other to take a bath in Ho Giang Thom. Once in a while, I invite them all to go to Uncle Danh’s house to swim in the swimming pool, each of them is black but extremely cute. I hope that the children have more access to books so that the world of childhood is richer and more colorful.

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