Tour code: 01 Explore and experience the natural ecosystem_Tam My Tay

Transport: Cars, boats
Duration: Going back during the day



Car and guide welcome you at Da Nang / Hoi An, moving south along the coastal road you have the opportunity to see beautiful landscapes such as the World Biosphere Reserve with the covered water coconut forest. In the distance is the charming Cu Lao Cham island or Tam Thanh Bich Hoa village, the end point of the journey is Tam My Tay village_Nui Thanh


Experience Giang Thom hole with beautiful waterfalls, experience bathing in streams, walking along waterfall slopes under diverse flora.


Enjoy the taste of the countryside through the rustic dishes “Snail cooked with vegetables Rahn, fried fish Dong Nhon”


Visit fruit orchards, chat with local people to learn about local characteristics and values.


Boating on Dong Nhon lake to enjoy the majestic and beautiful natural scenery of the mountains and forests, have the opportunity to catch the image of people fishing on the lake.


Farewell and goodbye, depart back to Hoi An/Da Nang.
End program.

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