Author: Nguyen Thi Ngoc Yen/
Le Van Tam Secondary School

This is a photo I took of the children in the Junior Ranger Club during a nature expedition to protect the douc langur at Ho Giang Thom, Tam My Tay Commune.

The reason I took this photo is to keep track of the group’s activities. And this photo will be kept in the traditional room of the school. Through this photo, I also want to introduce an ideal tourist place, it looks like a wild but wonderful place bestowed by nature. And this place is chosen as a tourist resort, especially in the summer, bathed in a cool stream, with white waterfalls, rugged rocks, trees and birds…

Going to join the children and take some pictures, I see that the children are very interested in the experiment and discovery activities. And through this I also see that the classroom lectures, watching video channels … the children are not as interested in the actual activities. Especially, you can admire the natural scenery, immerse yourself in the cool stream. Vì vậy để tổ chức thành công một hoạt động nào thì không thể thiếu hoạt động phám phá trải nghiệm.

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